Traditional Kitchens


Beautiful, highly durable, and highly functional, a Bastian kitchen is an investment you’ll never regret.

Proper custom kitchen design and manufacture, by definition, should mean that each aspect of the kitchen is tailored to suit the design or the design brief.

Bastian creates stunning custom kitchens. Expert craftsmanship, quality materials, and well-conceived design are all hallmarks of the company. Above all, Bastian Kitchens are renowned for being highly durable and highly functional.

The benefits of choosing a custom-designed kitchen over a mass-produced, modular kitchen is significant, which is why all joinery from Bastian is custom made. Much thought goes into designing a Bastian kitchen that will blend harmoniously with the home it is going into. As a result, we create stunning kitchens for rooms of all sizes, from large open plan spaces to small, inner-city apartments.

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